Published on 09/29/2019 4:32 am


Address: 3692 Bedford Ave, Suite P1 ZZ Brooklyn NY 11229

Phone: 646-980-3865

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About US

Here in Brooklyn, finding Dental Care for Seniors without insurance is near impossible if you go through the traditional channels and the legacy dental insurance providers. Instead, we have created a subscription-based model with Dent Benefits that provides full coverage on hundreds of different dental procedures here in Brooklyn.

For just $125 a month, you can know that almost all of your dental needs are covered including things like implants, denture work, routine dental cleanings and upkeep. Don't let the big name insurance companies beat you up and control your teeth by increasing premiums with no notice, instead get full access to the best Dental Care for Seniors without insurance in Brooklyn through Dent Benefits.

 Don’t let traditional insurance plans hold all the cards when it comes to your dental health. While these providers will offer spotty coverage,

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